san juan capistrano

I’m a sucker for a Catholic church. And I haven’t been Catholic in more than 25 years! But wherever I travel, I find myself pushing the old oak doors into the heavy silence. I sit on the hard bench and take in the awe-inspiring art (because Catholics know how to do art right!). And I always, always light a candle for my dearly departed father. These candles are found at the Mission Basilica at San Juan Capistrano. If you haven’t been to San Juan Capistrano or any of the other 21 missions planted by Father Junipero Serra in the late…

sacre coeur

Back in 2010, when I was still married, we took a five-week vacation to Paris. In the winter. It turned out to be the worst winter in 75 years, so yeah. There was a lot of snow on the ground. Fun for about five minutes. We used to bicker about who would go to the store for the day because it involved putting on longjohns and many layers of coats and gloves. But I digress.

encinitas california

I’m fortunate to live in Southern California because if I drive in any direction for an hour, there’s something completely different and cool. Take Encinitas. It’s just a 45-minute drive from my house, but it feels like somewhere really far away. In a nutshell, I find Encinitas to be a funky, laid-back, spiritual kinda town. Love it! Recently I was invited by Inn at Moonlight Beach to be a guest, so I grabbed one of my gals and headed up for a short but sweet overnight.

sheep in the dolomiti

Every September, I get nostalgic for my 2016 trip hiking the Dolomiti in northern Italy. I’ve written so much about it, but I still have so many untold stories. Like this day. Deb and I were walking from Nuvolau to Croda da Lago when we found ourselves in the middle of a flock of sheep, with a few goats thrown in for good measure. This has happened to me a couple of times (including once in Sardinia), but this is the only time I’ve been on foot and could reach out and touch dozens of woolly beasts. It felt magical.…