On my trip to Sardinia, I visited Monte Sirai, an archeological park with ruins from three different eras: Phoenician, Punic, and Roman. That’s pretty remarkable. Sardinia has a long history of influence from different groups of people over the millennia. Here is a clay pot in the tophet, which is where the children were buried. It broke my heart how many pots there were…

Because my flight home from Sardinia went through London Heathrow and I had an overnight layover, I opted to stay in Windsor, about 30 minutes from the airport, rather than London, which I’d visited plenty of times. My British friend, Martin, had recommended it. I arrived around 6, and was delighted at how quaint High Street was (in the UK, High Street is usually what we’d call Main Street; the primary street in a town where the shops are). It was Thanksgiving, but just like we do in the US, the town was already decorated for Christmas. 

arno river

Pisa is quite a manageable town to maneuver through. Once you’re done taking silly selfies at the Leaning Tower, you can wander along the Corso Italia, a street filled with great shopping. It crosses the Arno River, as you see here. I took this photo when I scurried from my hotel early to go buy clothes and a coat. My bag hadn’t arrived with me at the airport the night before…and I had a date! It reminds me a little of Venice…

southwestern sardinia

When I decided to visit southwestern Sardinia, I really didn’t know anything about other than that it was an island off the coast of Italy. I liked the idea that it was Italy…and that it had its own culture entirely. As I started my research, I began to learn some interesting facts about this ancient place, and when I was there, I learned even more.