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I’m a few weeks out from my trip to Provence (eek! So soon??), so it’s time to start planning.  I thought I’d share what my process is with you. Create a Schedule The first thing this anal-retentive traveler does is print a blank calendar and start mapping out where I’ll be when. The second I book my flight, I put the times and dates of my travel on the calendar. This trip, I’m flying into Amsterdam, spending the day there, then taking a hopper down to Nice. From there, I’ll enjoy a few relaxing days with my girl, Rose, then…

eiffel tower

Today my son, Max, turns 13. He’s been traveling from a young age, and I’m so proud that he has learned to appreciate what travel teaches us and gives us. He plans to study college in Amsterdam, which would make me so happy. Recently he got on a kick of wanting a pet fox. “Good news! When I move to Europe, I can have a fox. They’re legal there.” I laughed out loud. Good for him!