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road to san diego

Moving somewhere new is always exciting, especially if it’s across the country. Eight years ago, I loaded up my family and made the drive from Arkansas to San Diego, mostly via Route 66 (or rather, the modern interstate that runs parallel to it). On the final day (Day 3, I think), I teared up when I saw this sign. We were in the home stretch. What would await us in Sunny San Diego, our new home? Eight years later: I know. Wonderful memories in a lovely setting awaited us, and continue to fulfill me.

la jolla shores

There’s a long list of things I haven’t yet done or seen in San Diego, despite having lived here 8 years. This summer, I finally marked snorkeling at La Jolla Shores off my list. Quite honestly, the water is a bit murky and there are only a handful of Garibaldi and some kind of silver fish to look at, but given that I’m a newbie snorkeler, I just loved immersing myself below our world to discover another one.

sunset in la jolla

After an afternoon spent snorkeling at La Jolla Shores, I returned with Tiffany and Martin to the house Martin’s family was renting on their visit from England. As the kids enjoyed the final remnants of the day in the pool, the adults quieted, sipping their wine and enjoying a spectacular sunset. I wondered if the people who owned the house truly appreciated the view every single day, or if it was something they took for granted.

art at balboa park

When you live in a place, and you see an attraction so often, you start to become immune to what’s really there. I’ve visited Balboa Park┬ádozens of times in my eight years in San Diego, and I try to keep my eyes open, because there’s so much to see, especially when you’re not looking. This is a mural that used to be on the way to the restroom between Panama 66 and the San Diego Museum of Art. I loved that, even in a hallway, a transition point, the museum had filled it with beautiful things to look at.