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art at balboa park

When you live in a place, and you see an attraction so often, you start to become immune to what’s really there. I’ve visited Balboa Park┬ádozens of times in my eight years in San Diego, and I try to keep my eyes open, because there’s so much to see, especially when you’re not looking. This is a mural that used to be on the way to the restroom between Panama 66 and the San Diego Museum of Art. I loved that, even in a hallway, a transition point, the museum had filled it with beautiful things to look at.

temecula olive oil company

Olive abound in Southern California. and you’ll find olive oil at every farmer’s market. My favorite comes from Temecula Olive Oil Company. I’d been to the shops in Temecula and San Diego, but was delighted when we stumbled upon the original location, complete with olive tree grove, outside of Temecula. It’s a great event space, too, surrounded by gorgeous gardens. Lori, Sandra, and I dabbed our tongues into rich olive oils flavored with local basil, garlic, and fruits, then paired them with balanced balsamic vinegars.