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san juan capistrano

I’m a sucker for a Catholic church. And I haven’t been Catholic in more than 25 years! But wherever I travel, I find myself pushing the old oak doors into the heavy silence. I sit on the hard bench and take in the awe-inspiring art (because Catholics know how to do art right!). And I always, always light a candle for my dearly departed father. These candles are found at the Mission Basilica at San Juan Capistrano. If you haven’t been to San Juan Capistrano or any of the other 21 missions planted by Father Junipero Serra in the late…

encinitas california

I’m fortunate to live in Southern California because if I drive in any direction for an hour, there’s something completely different and cool. Take Encinitas. It’s just a 45-minute drive from my house, but it feels like somewhere really far away. In a nutshell, I find Encinitas to be a funky, laid-back, spiritual kinda town. Love it! Recently I was invited by Inn at Moonlight Beach to be a guest, so I grabbed one of my gals and headed up for a short but sweet overnight.

mission trails flowers

You may not know this, but San Diego was in an eight-year drought until last month. Pretty much the entire time I’ve lived here. I can think of periods where it had been months since we had even a sprinkle. Pretty unbelievable if you live somewhere where rain is more commonplace. But this winter was incredibly wet (as I’m writing this in May, it’s raining today). Other than giving me an excuse to buy cute rainboots, one of the perks of a wet winter is what comes in the spring. This photo was taken in Mission Trails, where I love to…

frances mayes

The entire hour, I was glassy-eyed. I was in the presence of one of my author idols, Frances Mayes. She was doing a book reading at Warwick’s in La Jolla for her new book, See You in the Piazza. After painting Italy with her lilting Georgia accent, she moved toward the book-signing table. She stopped and turned toward the crowd. Her eyes met mine.