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After a breathtaking kayak tour of Gorges du Verdon, my yoga group visited one of the sweetest little towns I’d seen in Provence, France. Moustiers Sainte-Marie is about half an hour north of the electric turquoise waters that fill what is known as France’s Grand Canyon in the heart of Provence. It made for the perfect lunch and afternoon jaunt.

Readers of my blog (all 14 of ya’ll) know I’m into yoga. I’ve gone on a retreat in Tuscany, and gotten my downward dog on in a Japanese garden and on a lavender farm. In between these trips, I have a great home practice. A few months ago, I spent a week in a beautiful villa in Provence (Bastide Avellane), being mindful and stretching my body in a way that my normal day-to-day doesn’t always allow for. I came back refreshed and with new perspective on life. Here’s why, if you’ve never gone on a yoga retreat, I think you should.