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napili coast

Some landscapes simply take the breath away. I was on a morning jog in Maui and came across an outcropping of rocks on the edge of a hotel property. Across the water was another island, a rainbow beaming over it, as if advertising “come to Hawaii!” The rocks…the sea…the colors in the sky…this was one of those spots that just made me stop what I was doing and sit on a rock for half an hour, just being grateful to be alive.

maui ziplining

If you had told me a year ago that I would end up ziplining in Maui, I would have laughed at you! Why the hell would I do such a thing? Well, that “thing” was my 13-year-old, Max, whose sole request on our trip to Maui was to go ziplining. I thought I’d hate it. But in fact, it made me giggle like a girl. As adults, we don’t play enough. We don’t let go of our fears enough to just have a sensory experience. This photo represents that freedom that I experienced zooming above the trees in Hawaii. It…

maui sunset

I was starting to feel like a pariah because of the fact that I was the only person in San Diego who hadn’t yet been to Hawaii. That, combined with the fact that 13-year-old Max complained every time I traveled without him, led me to book 2 $400 flights to Maui in January. By the way, January is a fantastic time to go. Flights normally are double that price any other time of year but in January, crowds are thinner, and it’s still 80 degrees. What’s not to like? Maui was wonderful. It was less developed (at least the west…