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On my trip to Sardinia, I visited Monte Sirai, an archeological park with ruins from three different eras: Phoenician, Punic, and Roman. That’s pretty remarkable. Sardinia has a long history of influence from different groups of people over the millennia. Here is a clay pot in the tophet, which is where the children were buried. It broke my heart how many pots there were…

arno river

Pisa is quite a manageable town to maneuver through. Once you’re done taking silly selfies at the Leaning Tower, you can wander along the Corso Italia, a street filled with great shopping. It crosses the Arno River, as you see here. I took this photo when I scurried from my hotel early to go buy clothes and a coat. My bag hadn’t arrived with me at the airport the night before…and I had a date! It reminds me a little of Venice…

southwestern sardinia

When I decided to visit southwestern Sardinia, I really didn’t know anything about other than that it was an island off the coast of Italy. I liked the idea that it was Italy…and that it had its own culture entirely. As I started my research, I began to learn some interesting facts about this ancient place, and when I was there, I learned even more.