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I am embarrassed to admit this: I could drive to Mexico in 20 minutes from my house…and yet I have only been a handful of times in the nine years I’ve lived in San Diego. My excuses have been many, as you will soon see, but a trip taken with San Diego’s branch of the organization Travel Massive to Valle de Guadalupe in Baja changed my tune completely. Here’s why I put off my trip to Mexico for far too long (and am now kicking myself for waiting):

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There’s something about putting wine and travel bloggers together that just amounts to a ton of fun. Recently I took a tour to Baja, Mexico’s wine country in Valle de Guadalupe with a bus full of travel bloggers and professionals (you can read about that next week here). As we marveled at how great — and affordable — the wines were, we also shared our travel stories. When travel lovers get together, the first thing they find out is: where have you been? Where are you going? As our inhibitions loosened over many, many wine tastings, we shared tips about Greece,…