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Jews in Poland

I’ve never been anywhere in Europe where World War II seemed as present as it is in Poland. Certainly, visiting a handful of museums about the Holocaust probably gave me a different perspective, but still. People we met had stories, about uncles who mysteriously disappeared during the war, or grandmothers who¬†were executed by the Germans. If you’re interested in the war and learning about the Holocaust, any of these attractions will immerse you in the history.

Warsaw market square

One of my favorite parts of a city or even tiny village is its market square. That’s where the excitement happens: where people gather for drinks at the local bar. Young folk snap selfies next to a 200-year-old sculpture. Drunks sing for their supper. Recently, in Poland, I enjoyed time in both Krakow’s and Warsaw’s beautiful squares, and it got me thinking about why market squares are so wonderful. 1. There are Plenty of Photo Opps Even if around the corner the buildings are scabby and faded, homeowners in squares tend to have a great deal of pride in the…