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When a friend from middle school told me he was planning a trip to San Diego just before Christmas — and that he’d never been here before — I tried to see my city from an outsider’s perspective. What would make the biggest splash? It was more happenstance than planning that made us end up at the harbor at sunset (just after he landed! Kismet!). I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to give him to my fair city.

Ricardo Breceda's screaming eagle

First-timers to Borrego Springs are surprised to see prehistoric creatures snarling and writhing in the desert near the highway, but they’re just sculptor Ricardo Breceda’s contribution to the landscape. If you’re headed to Anza-Borrego State Park or the tiny town of Borrego Springs, download a map of the sculptures or just wing it and drive around offroad like I like to do. Try to go midmorning when the skies are blue as backdrops, and the sculptures are showing off in all their glory.

Every time my (Vietnamese) boyfriend travels to Orange County for work, he makes me jealous by sending me photos of the amazing food he’s eating. I pointed out that there’s a Little Saigon a few blocks away from my house, but he insists, “It’s not the same. The food’s better in OC.” So we decided to add on an extra day after our Borrego Springs getaway to eat as much delicious Vietnamese food as we could in Orange County’s Little Saigon.