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I’ve been to Lafayette, Louisiana dozens of times…only I haven’t really been there. It’s 25 minutes from the tiny town of Church Point, where my grandmother, aunt and uncle, and cousins live, so Lafayette is where I and my family stay when visiting them. However, I’d never really explored the town…until recently. My mother went to what is now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and she hadn’t really been to the town since she graduated…well, a long time ago. So we planned a mini trip together.

eating crawfish

Let me just say: being a Southerner in California — and no, I don’t mean I’m from El Centro — makes me sometimes feel like I’m from another country entirely. And being Cajun in Southern Cali? I might as well be from another planet. The whole concept of eating crawfish, listening to “weird” accordion music, and putting red pepper on every dish makes me an anomaly among my friends. I’ve grown accustomed to scoffing at anyone’s attempt to make decent Cajun food. If I want good gumbo, I go to Louisiana. But occasionally I am pleasantly surprised to find an…