street art in krakow

One of the things I love taking photos of in my travels (other than doors) is street art. Some call it graffiti or an eyesore, but I’ve found some really well done artwork in different cities. Every city has its own flavor. In Italy, the street art is as bold and boisterous as Italians. In New York, it has a hard edge. In Krakow, I found several surprises, including this Eastern art on a wall.


Another favorite spot I take friends is Torrey Pines Natural Reserve. After patiently waiting for a free parking spot to open up along the popular beach, we ascend the winding road up the mountain, then meander around trails that overlook the ocean. But the best part for both my guests and for me? The descent to Torrey Pines Beach, where we pick up rocks, test the chilly waters, and take selfies.

maui sunset

I was starting to feel like a pariah because of the fact that I was the only person in San Diego who hadn’t yet been to Hawaii. That, combined with the fact that 13-year-old Max complained every time I traveled without him, led me to book 2 $400 flights to Maui in January. By the way, January is a fantastic time to go. Flights normally are double that price any other time of year but in January, crowds are thinner, and it’s still 80 degrees. What’s not to like? Maui was wonderful. It was less developed (at least the west…