“Look! It’s an Easter Pirate!” I gasped. I may or may not have just had a mimosa or two in Morro Bay, so I wasn’t sure I could trust my eyes. But there before us, on Easter Sunday, was this guy. Pirate Steve used to be a commercial fisherman, but given the decline of that industry, it should be no surprise that he’s now plundering on the high seas…or a street corner in Morro Bay. He’s been entertaining folks for 20 years, and he’s always good for a pirate joke.

Hearst Castle lion

Exploring all of Hearst Castle would take days. This lion guards one of several cottages on the property (which totals 250 acres). Despite its size, the Castle, which is now a national park, has only about 100 employees, including 70 guides, 6 (!!) gardeners, and other rehab and restoration staff. But the story I want to tell with today’s photo is about Cary Grant (because I love him). Cary was a frequent guest of William Randolph Hearst, and would join other guests in the Assembly Room for pre-dinner cocktails. Cary complained that the drinks they served were weak so he…

Allegretto Vineyard Resort saltwater pool

For the last leg of my recent girls’ trip to Central Coast and San Luis Obispo, Sandra, Lori, and I stayed at the gorgeousĀ Allegretto Vineyard ResortĀ in Paso Robles. One night at the luxury hotel and winery was far from enough; we could have stayed a week and never left the property! Here are a few of the most interesting things about this resort that stood out in our minds.