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Whenever I visit a city, I strive to step out of the travel guide. Sure, you need to see the Eiffel Tower for your own eyes, but there’s a lot more to Paris than what Frommer or Lonely Planet will recommend.

The longer you stay, the more opportunity you have to branch out and explore your neighborhood, which is, for me, the best thing about a long-term vacation in another city. Here are my picks for off-the-beaten-path Paris.

Maybe I should call this post “The Worst Time to Visit Paris!” It’s my recommendation that you avoid Paris in the summer, and if you’re like me and averse to extreme cold, the winter as well!

Why not the summer, you ask? Everyone else is there, and it’s hot as hell. Parisians haven’t necessarily embraced air conditioning, so as an American accustomed to turning on the air at the slightest sign of sweat, you might be uncomfortable.

It’s hard not to go in the summer if you have kids and this is the time they’re off, but try to schedule your trip during Spring Break when the weather is great, prices are cheaper, and there are fewer tourists.

You might wonder at the title of this post. After all, isn’t Paris the quintessential dining experience? It is, and let me reframe my suggestion:

You shouldn’t ONLY eat in restaurants in Paris.

You should experience French cuisine at whatever level you can afford. Surprisingly, even the most inexpensive meals can equal what we pay an arm and a leg for in a fancy French restaurant this side of the pond.