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Cathédrale Notre-Dame-Immaculée

As Rose and I wandered around the Cathédrale Notre-Dame-Immaculée in Monaco, I noticed a line queueing up in the front of the church. Without knowing what the line was for, we joined it. Visitors solemnly shuffled forward until they reached the star attraction: the tombs of Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier, the American movie star-turned-princess and her long-reigning husband. Even if you know little about Grace Kelly, she’ll capture your heart in Monaco.

At the southern most tip of France lies another country: Monaco. You can drive by it on the interstate above and see it in its entirety. There are only 38,000 citizens (the population of my hometown) in the entire country. Rose and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to score another country experience so easily, so we spent the day in this beautiful harbor country. We visited the Palace, where we learned about Monaco’s long lineage of royalty. You know the mother of the current prince: American actress Grace Kelly. I’m now intently curious about this minute country!