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The more I travel, the more I start thinking about the books I can write about what I’m experiencing so that others can experience it secondhand.

Searching for Peter Mayle’s Provence

After reading Peter Mayle’s books — and many others written by other authors — I had a very romanticized idea about what my five weeks in Provence would be like. Only, upon arrival, my experience was far from that he’d portrayed. This book, Searching for Peter Mayle’s Provence, is my effort to shed the expectations that others had given me and come to terms with my own experience in Provence.

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Searching for Peter Mayle's Provence

A Month in Paris: How to Become Nearly French in 30 Days

A few years ago, my family spent a month in Paris. I wrote a book about our adventures in language, love and French food called A Month in Paris: How to Become Nearly French in 30 DaysIn it, I share anecdotes about how I romanticized what the trip would be like, and how it was so much better for all of us than I could have imagined. If you’re planning a trip to Paris, make sure to check out the blog for great tips on where to stay and what to eat.


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More books coming soon!