This is a post I wrote on Facebook and have enhanced here.

After 5 weeks that were really too short in France, it’s time to go home. Travel changes a person, and it should. Whenever you leave a place, you should be someone slightly different than you were before. This is especially true of this trip.

There’s something about Saorge that has shifted something permanently. Where I never wanted to live in a tiny town, I now thirst for it, at least this town. The best we can do is come back. Often.

Let me share what I’ve learned about myself while traveling.

1. I thirst for travel. I need more of it.
2. I need to express myself creatively through travel writing.
3. I want to make my living through travel writing.
4. Phones are overrated. But not tablets. Mine is my library and my game resource. Also, I need a new tablet.
5. I can hike up giant Piedmont mountains daily.
6. I can pee in a mountain man’s outhouse toilet, complete with kitty litter sawdust. Anything is possible.
7. I really love forests.
8. Having no agenda is actually pretty fun. My husband will roll his eyes; it took me a while to get that.
9. Traveling alone is pretty awesome too.
10. No matter how great travel is, you still miss your friends.