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To me, the most friendly city I’ve visited in Europe has to be Amsterdam. The people are genuinely welcoming and don’t seem annoyed that every year, millions of tourists invade their beautiful city. Sure, they get us back by zinging past us on bikes with a mere ching of the bike bell as a warning, but in general, you couldn’t ask for a more accommodating people.


One of the best-known attractions in Amsterdam is the Bloemenmarkt. This flower market sells not only every shade of tulip you could dream of, but also an assortment of other exotic flowers you won’t find anywhere else. And yes, you can buy tulip bulbs and take them home. What better reminder of your trip than their cherry little heads bobbing in your garden?  


When I tell people that Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities, they raise their eyebrow and go, “Ohhh, I’m sure it is!” They’re alluding to Amsterdam’s reputation for being a place you can easily buy marijuana. Look folks, I live in Southern California. If I was looking for pot, I wouldn’t have to go so far. No, there are a million reasons why I love this town. Here are just a few for you.


Fritjes — aka fries — in Amsterdam are phenomenally delicious. They’re the perfect thickness, while being crisp, not soggy. They’re served in a paper cone. If you’d like, you can get your choice of sauce slathered on top. I remembered enjoying “samurai sauce” 18 years ago when I studied in Europe. To my delight, it’s still on the menu. What is it, you ask? Simply sriracha and mayo, which is my favorite dip for just about anything. Sheer bliss…