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My very favorite thing to do when traveling is eat foods I can’t get back home. You will never find me in a McDonalds in another country. When Max and I visited Maui, we stopped at a roadside stand selling pineapples, coconuts, and all manner of citrus. I sucked the coconut juice straight from a fresh coconut. It was heaven.

ziplining in maui

When Max said that the one thing he wanted to do in Maui was ziplining, I had two thoughts: “Really? He’s not a very adventurous kid. He hates rollercoasters.” “Crap. That means I have to do it too.” Max asks to do specific things so rarely, so I had to honor his request. This picture reminds me of what happens when we let go of our fears. Great things! I wouldn’t have seen Maui all the way to the sea from above the treeline if I hadn’t been brave enough to let a 20something strap a harness on me and…

napili coast

Some landscapes simply take the breath away. I was on a morning jog in Maui and came across an outcropping of rocks on the edge of a hotel property. Across the water was another island, a rainbow beaming over it, as if advertising “come to Hawaii!” The rocks…the sea…the colors in the sky…this was one of those spots that just made me stop what I was doing and sit on a rock for half an hour, just being grateful to be alive.

maui ziplining

If you had told me a year ago that I would end up ziplining in Maui, I would have laughed at you! Why the hell would I do such a thing? Well, that “thing” was my 13-year-old, Max, whose sole request on our trip to Maui was to go ziplining. I thought I’d hate it. But in fact, it made me giggle like a girl. As adults, we don’t play enough. We don’t let go of our fears enough to just have a sensory experience. This photo represents that freedom that I experienced zooming above the trees in Hawaii. It…