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Warsaw market square

One of my favorite parts of a city or even tiny village is its market square. That’s where the excitement happens: where people gather for drinks at the local bar. Young folk snap selfies next to a 200-year-old sculpture. Drunks sing for their supper. Recently, in Poland, I enjoyed time in both Krakow’s and Warsaw’s beautiful squares, and it got me thinking about why market squares are so wonderful. 1. There are Plenty of Photo Opps Even if around the corner the buildings are scabby and faded, homeowners in squares tend to have a great deal of pride in the…

Before visiting Poland, all I knew about its cuisine was that it was meat- and potato-heavy. While I don’t normally consume copious amounts of that combination, I didn’t mind the prospect of doing so. As it turns out, I was flat out surprised at some of the menu items I ended up eating. Yes, the old standbys of pork and pierogi were on most menus, but exciting things are happening in the world of contemporary Polish cuisine. Here are a few of my culinary highlights.

Easter palms in Poland

For some reason, it seems like I end up traveling during Easter season often. I’ve been woken up by a late-night Catholic ceremony where the priest, followed by a devout crowd, carries a cross to the cliffs of Corniglia in Cinque Terre. Stumbled upon a multi-denomination parade around the square in Santa Fe. And delighted in the sugary Easter delicacies in Genoa. So it should be no surprise that I ended up in Poland this year just before Easter. Here are a few of the traditions I learned about on my trip there.