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Jews in Poland

I’ve never been anywhere in Europe where World War II seemed as present as it is in Poland. Certainly, visiting a handful of museums about the Holocaust probably gave me a different perspective, but still. People we met had stories, about uncles who mysteriously disappeared during the war, or grandmothers who were executed by the Germans. If you’re interested in the war and learning about the Holocaust, any of these attractions will immerse you in the history.

Easter palms in Poland

For some reason, it seems like I end up traveling during Easter season often. I’ve been woken up by a late-night Catholic ceremony where the priest, followed by a devout crowd, carries a cross to the cliffs of Corniglia in Cinque Terre. Stumbled upon a multi-denomination parade around the square in Santa Fe. And delighted in the sugary Easter delicacies in Genoa. So it should be no surprise that I ended up in Poland this year just before Easter. Here are a few of the traditions I learned about on my trip there.

Passport renewal

I’m writing this post from Krakow, Poland, where I’m spending a week on a media trip to explore the country. I and four other travel writers got here courtesy of LOT Polish Airlines, as it was celebrating its inaugural flight from Los Angeles to Warsaw. We were among the privileged few to get on that flight, and we sat in business class, at that. Oh, LOT. What have you done to me?

Right now, I’m somewhere in Poland, living it up with four other travel writers. I’ll have plenty to share upon my return, but in the meantime, check out some of the places I’ll be visiting this week. Krakow Wawel Castle Who doesn’t love a good castle? Wawel Castle looks pristinely maintained, and has a pretty great art collection. I’m disappointed that the Dragon’s Den, home of the mythical Wawel Dragon, is closed. Schindler’s Factory I’m excited to visit the place Schindler made his famous list of Jews that he saved from a terrible fate. The enamel factory is now a museum.…